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Easter Holiday Deals

Easter Holiday Deals

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Easter Holidays Guide

Of course it's also the school holidays, a favourite time of year for holiday companies and airlines to hike up prices and when availability is limited due to such an increase in demand for holidays around this key time of year.

But there are still plenty of opportunities to get away on a family holiday though, even with the kids, with many hotels offering free kids places and other offers.

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Easter School Holidays

The Easter School Holidays have always been a notorious part of the year when holiday companies raise prices due to demand. Just like the summer school holiday deals, you can expect to pay a premium during Easter.

Going for a short break towards the end of the school holidays may offer cheap flights out of the UK, but you'll still be likely to return when everyone else does, just before the schools return.

While it's often difficult to find holiday deals on par with other times of the year, we've tried pulling together some of the best deals during the Easter holidays, from a short holiday park break on England's southern coast, to week long holidays in the Mediterranean sunshine.

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Holiday At Home At Easter

One thing that's sure to increase during the Easter school holidays are flight prices. Whether it's airlines hiking prices to earn an extra buck or simply due to a lack of availability on flights as families head away, this can really add to the cost of a holiday around the Easter weekend.

This is a great reason to get out and explore the UK. Whether it's a staycation at home while taking in day trips to cities further afield, or spending a few days away in the countryside, ideal for getting the kids off the iPads, out and about and exploring areas of the UK that they have never seen.

Try places like Edinburgh, a city rich in history and perfect for educating the little ones and keeping them entertained with dungeon trips and all sorts. If you really do have to get away from it all and head abroad over Easter, there are still plenty of ways to keep the costs down.

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How to get a great family holiday in the Easter holidays

Firstly, plan in advance, many holiday companies want to secure bookings far in advance to make sure they don't have lots of space available at the last minute. Take a look at holiday deals during the Easter period far in advance.

Secondly, be flexible in where you go and how long for. While there are plenty of flights to popular destinations such as the Algarve and Spain, take a look at deals in places like Greece and Croatia that are much quieter and so can sometimes be cheaper. And while a week may be your ideal option, staying an extra night or one less night could mean saving money on flights.