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What are the risks of booking last minute?

The main risk of booking a hotel so late is that your options will be limited, the hotel that you really wanted to stay at isn't available, or if you're staying in a city with a limited number of accommodation options anyway, that there may no accommodation whatsoever.

Particularly if you're visiting for an event or concert, where hotel rooms will get booked up quickly, it may often be better to book your hotel much earlier. Many hotels may not even discount at the last minute, as often business travellers will book last minute and their company will pay, so cost isn't necessarily an issue.

Late deals on hotel rooms really can be a great option if you're trying to same money. Companies such as Hotel Tonight specialise in this sort of booking, and if you haven't downloaded it, the Hotel Tonight app is a good one to download.

Even if you're not ready to book, you can make some example searches and see just how much you could save on your next stay. And if you can be flexible with what areas you stay in and which hotels you stay at, you increase your chances of getting a good deal.

Is a late booking right for me?

It's hard to say if booking a hotel at the last minute is right for you and your situation. If you really have a favourite hotel that you want to stay at, then booking late probably isn't for you. If you're attending a concert or event, hotels will get full, so again, it's probably better you book in advance.

If, however, you can be flexible, you don't mind where you stay, you're up for a bit of adventure and you can be prepared that you really may struggle with finding somewhere, then booking a hotel at the last minute could be right up your street.

Where can I stay?

The simple answer? Almost anywhere!

Whether you need a last minute hotel in London or a late deal in New York, you're often likely to find a hotel offering some sort of discount because they want to fill their rooms. Companies like and Hotels Tonight all provide some great deals from bargain stays to luxury resorts across the globe, so widen your search and you never know where it might take you.

Simply make your search and book. Try it in advance though to see how it works and what sort of last minute discounts you might be able to expect, otherwise you may get disappointed.

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