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Booking at the last minute can get you some fantastic deals, and if you're flexible on where you travel, you can have even more options. How about discovering somewhere you haven't thought about? Here are a few of our top last minute destinations in the UK.


For some great last minute hotel deals, check out London. With so many hotels on offer, ranging from cheap and cheerful chains like Travelodge and Holiday Inn Express, to luxury stays like The Corinthia and Hotel 41, there's so much to choose from, but that also means there are often plenty of rooms going empty. There are plenty of cool and quirky London hotels too, like the Sunborn Yacht or the St Christopher's Inn Village which offers budget friendly capsule style accommodation.


Manchester is a great city to explore, from the shopping to the museums. There's plenty of great accommodation in the city, and dotted around the outskirts too. Head to Salford Quays for a show at the Lowry or stay in the city to enjoy the city's buzzing nightlife.


For lots of history and culture, we love last minute hotels in Edinburgh. With castles and an underground city, there is so much to learn and after an exciting day of sightseeing, you've got your pick of plenty of bars, restaurants and entertainment too.

Lake District

The Lake District is one of our favourite places to stay.


Head to the far corners of England and you'll find beautiful scenery, and Cornwall is no different. Most popular in the summer months when visitors can enjoy the sun, sand and sea, Cornwall is home to over 300 beaches, perfect for those who love to spend time by the coast.

Last Minute Break Types

Spa Hotels

There are some excellent spa hotel deals to take advantage of, especially on a Sunday night stay. Spa hotels are busiest on Friday and Saturday nights, when many people finish work and want to escape and unwind at the weekend. Come Sunday, those rooms go empty as people head home, and that means there are some absolute bargains to be had if you aren't working on the Monday.

Luxury Hotels

Some luxury hotels hate to discount as it can be seen as cheapening their brand, but others find it a great way to bring in some extra revenue during quieter times of the year. Take a look at brands like Secret Escapes who specialise in discounted luxury stays, from Manchester to the Maldives and everywhere in between.

Hotels With Hot Tubs

We love a good hot tub, and when you want to escape, it's great if these can be included in the price. Sometimes you'll need to upgrade your room to get a whirlpool bath, while other times it may just be better to book a last minute spa break and take advantage of the facilities on offer.

Dog Friendly Stays

No trip is ever complete without the ones you love, and that means including the dog. Some hotels and apartments do allow pets for an additional fee but with strict rules. There are also true dog friendly hotels, particularly in areas like the Lake District, Peak District and Cotswolds in England where walking and hiking are a staple of the local area's activities. It's here you'll find hotels that love dogs, providing treats, packs, dog beds and much more for a pet friendly stay.


While not a hotel, cottage breaks are another great way to save at the last minute. Cottages often have private owners and the more frequent they fill their holiday homes, the better it is for them. So if they have a week coming up that's empty, they may look to reduce the price a little to help encourage people to book.

How To Book

There are a couple of different ways to book a UK break at the last minute. You'll likely need to pay up front, but if not, when booking close to arrival, you'll find the lowest price will be non-refundable.

Deals Tonight

If you're looking for somewhere to stay tonight, most booking sites and tour operators will be able to help you do this, however, one that stands out is Hotel Tonight, an online app which is dedicated to getting you the best deal at the very last minute. Simply go online and choose what area or city you want to stay and you'll get a list of offers. With certain hotels, they negotiate extra discounts for those very late deals if you're checking in the same day or within 24 hours. They also have a Daily Drop offer, which gives you the best discount, but you've only got 15 minutes to book!


Packages like dinner, bed and breakfast deals and spa breaks allow you to make the most of your money and time while you're away. To encourage you to book, stay longer or spend more time at the hotel, these sorts of offers will include extras like spa treatments, meals, and activities to compliment your stay. It's also usually cheaper than booking the elements separately, so if you had planned to visit the spa or enjoy dinner at their restaurant, it often makes sense to book a package like this.

Direct With The Hotel

Another option is to book directly with the hotel. This can sometimes work out cheaper, especially if they have a discount code you can use. As it's their own accommodation, they may have exclusive discounts you can't find anywhere else. And you can always be a bit cheeky and phone up to ask for a discount.

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