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Boutique Bliss

For a truly unique and intimate experience, consider staying in one of Edinburgh's boutique hotels. These establishments often reflect the city's character, offering personalized service and distinctive aesthetics. Last-minute bookings may reveal hidden gems like the Tigerlily Hotel or the Dunstane Houses, where each room tells a story of Edinburgh's past.

Recgonisable Hotel Chains

Edinburgh is home to well-known hotel chains that provide a sense of reliability and comfort. Opting for a last-minute break with a recognized chain, such as the Radisson Hotels, or IHG Hotels, ensures a certain standard of service and familiarity, giving you peace of mind. You've also got the added benefit of collection points as part of their loyalty scheme, and often booking directly with the chain hotels can be cheaper than through a hotel comparison website like TravelSupermarket, Dealchecker or

Charming Bed & Breakfasts

For those who crave a more personal touch, Edinburgh's bed & breakfasts offer a warm and welcoming atmosphere. Booking a last-minute stay in a charming B&B, like the 23 Mayfield or The Hedges Guest House, provides an opportunity to connect with local hosts who can offer insider tips on the best Edinburgh experiences.

Luxury Retreats

Indulge in the regal atmosphere of Edinburgh by opting for a last-minute stay in one of the city's luxury hotels. The Balmoral Hotel or the Waldorf Astoria Edinburgh - The Caledonian are examples of 5-star hotels where luxury meets history, offering a refined and opulent experience for those seeking an extra touch of grandeur.

Why Go Last Minute - Benefits Of A Last Minute Break

It Can Be Cost Effective

One of the primary advantages of opting for last-minute hotel breaks in Edinburgh is the potential for cost savings. Hotels, eager to fill their remaining rooms, often offer attractive discounts for those who seize the moment. This presents an excellent opportunity for travellers to experience the city's hospitality without stretching their budget.

Spontaneous Discovery

Edinburgh is a city that rewards the curious and the spontaneous. Booking a last minute hotel break opens the door to unexpected discoveries, whether it's stumbling upon a hidden pub with live folk music or witnessing a street performance on the historic Royal Mile. Embracing the unknown adds a layer of excitement to your Edinburgh adventure.

Things To Do In Edinburgh

While last-minute hotel breaks open the door to Edinburgh's enchanting accommodations, the true magic lies beyond the hotel walls. Explore the historic Edinburgh Castle, traverse the vibrant Grassmarket, and immerse yourself in the intellectual atmosphere of the Old Town. Let spontaneity guide you through the city's festivals, cultural events, and the lively atmosphere of its pubs. And don't forget a trip into the incredible underground city of Mary King's Close.

Private Apartments & Accommodation

Fancy feeling like a local? One of the great ways to stay in Edinburgh is in a private apartment through the likes of Airbnb or This can also be a life saver if you're trying to find a hotel to stay at the last minute but struggling, especially if you're in town for an event or concert.

Private apartments can also be great for longer term accommodation, if you're staying for several weeks or even longer, as apartment style accommodation usually has some sort of kitchen facilities, meaning you don't always have to eat out every night.

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