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A Guide To Beach Holidays On A £200 Budget

Naturally the more budget you have for your holiday, the further you can travel, or the nicer the hotel you can stay at, or the more you can get included within the price of your holiday. While you have to be flexible with dates we've seen a number of all inclusive holidays for less than £200 per person.

You'll also find a few key holiday destinations regularly come up in a search for the cheapest resorts. Areas like the Algarve, Costa Blanca and Balearic Islands, due to the number of hotels and flights available will often offer some of the cheapest holidays.

So if you're trying to stay with a £200pp budget, take a look at our key things to remember when looking and booking your holiday: ​

  • Flexible dates can offer better deals
  • Don't mind where you go? The more flexible you are with your holiday resort, the more chance of a great deal
  • Regularly look for holidays. You never know when you might come across the perfect one within your budget

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Best Beach Destinations Under £200

The Costa Brava boasts hours of sunshine, even in winter, and while the winter months may have lower temperatures, that much needed vitamin D is heavily sought after. Double check which airport you're flying into though as it may be a trek from the airport to your resort.

The Algarve has long been a popular area to holiday for Brits looking for some sunshine. The beaches here are sandy and beautiful, while the resorts range from quieter Vilamoura, to the livelier Albufeira Town. Golf is also popular along this stretch of Portugese coastline.

Majorca has a large number of flights into Palma from across the UK and is perfect for your typical beach holiday or a combined beach and city break. If you have the time, be sure to hire a car and explore the islands much quieter hidden beaches and coves.

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How To Book A Beach Holiday Under £200pp

To book a beach holiday for less than £200 per person, there are a couple of things to keep in mind. Here are our top tips for booking a holiday within your budget.

Keep looking! Holiday prices can change all the time, depending on a range of things including the cost of the flights, popularity of the hotel, time of year, current sales, etc. This means you should always keep an eye out for the latest deals. You can either sign up to the latest holiday deals with us at, or with other holiday companies, to see the latest offers as and when they come out. You never know when you might find that perfect holiday within your £200 budget!

Taking a holiday in quiet periods is also another way to keep the cost down. Holiday companies, airlines and hotels all push up prices during the peak school holiday period meaning that the average cost of a holiday can skyrocket. If you can, try and travel during off peak times to bring the cost down.

Many top holiday operators now offer some sort of deposit scheme, so you can book in advance and pay off the cost of your holiday in installments. If you're stretching your holiday budget to £200, this is a great way of carefully planning. Budgeting just £20 a month over the course of 10 months can mean you could be enjoying more holidays. And what's £20 a month? Making your lunches instead of buying them. Cutting out two coffees a week each month? Taking advantage of deposit schemes can certainly help you to budget carefully if you do need to stay within budget.

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City And Beach Breaks Under £200

If you want to combine a beach holiday with a bit of culture, a joint city and beach break is perfect for this and you will definitely be able to get some great deals for less than £200pp.

Barcelona is naturally a popular choice for a combined break, with its rich history and architecture, combined with stunning beaches. For those more active holidaymakers amongst us, take a day trip inland and explore one of the numerous hiking trails in the nearby mountain ranges.

How about the glamorous city of Nice in southern France? There are plenty of low cost flights to the south of France, and you can now take the Eurostar all the way from London to Marseille just a little bit along the coast. Walk the streets of the rich and famous before heading to the marina to view some of the world's most exclusive private yachts. Summertime in Nice can be beautiful.

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Family Holidays Under £200pp

If you've got the family to think about for your next holiday, sharing a room or apartment can certainly help bring the cost down to less than £200 per person. Most hotels in the popular resorts will cater for families with either adjoining rooms or family rooms with pull out sofa beds. Especially when you've just got a one bedroom apartment for a family of four, this can definitely help to bring the cost of your holiday down.

Also bear in mind the cost of eating out for your whole family. While you also want to enjoy your holiday, and so limit the amount of cooking you do, having a self catering apartment can mean some nights you can splash out a little and eat out, while other nights you can eat in and save some money. This can be especially useful if the little ones need to go to bed early and you want to eat at different times.

all inclusive holidays under £200pp

All Inclusive Holidays

It is a bit of a rare occasion, however, there are a number of all inclusive holiday deals for less than £200 per perosn out there. And yes, we have seen them. In order to take advantage of these sorts of offers, you will probably need to travel during the off peak times, i.e. outside of school holidays, or plan well in advance.

More importantly, the great thing about an all inclusive holiday when you're trying to stick to a budget is they are just that, all inclusive. Your food and drink will be included in the cost of your holiday, as well as numerous in resort activities. Be sure to check whether airport transfers in destination are included though. You may find that these aren't included.