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Grabbing a hotel break bargain is easy. You just have to keep your eyes peeled for deals and be saver-savvy. To help keep the cost down, we've pulled together a guide on UK hotel breaks for under £100 so that you can learn our top tips and find out where is great to stay on a budget.

So whether it's an active weekend away, or a cheeky spa break, keep the cost down and make sure it's under £100 with

Top tip: Hotel prices can vary for the same hotel. Check Trivago to compare prices and make sure you're paying the cheapest.

Great hotel locations on a budget

Staying by the seaside is always a great getaway. Head to the south coast of England and explore the beautiful beaches along this stretch of coast.

Or perhaps you're more of an adventurer? The Welsh countryside has lots of cute and quaint B&Bs, eager to welcome you to the area before you set of on a hike or bike ride.

Is your ideal break in the big smoke? Hotels in London aren't cheap, but there are still some great bargains to be had.

Top tips for a cheap hotel break

If you are on a budget, when booking a hotel break in the UK, there are a couple of things you should keep in mind. Here are a couple of our top tips:

Don't forget to cost in your transport. If you don't have a car, the cost of getting to a romantic, but remote, B&B could spiral with train fares to the nearest station, then taxi fares to the hotel and then taxis if you want to get around the area too. Keep this in mind when costing up your break.

Trying checking other dates. It sounds obvious but the price of a hotel isn't the same every night. Some nights could be busier than others which hikes up the cost of your stay. If the price is too expensive for you, try looking at alternative weekends or dates, or even days of the week.

This conveniently leads to the next point. Try staying a Sunday night. Many leisure travellers will want to stay Friday and Saturday nights. Many business travellers will want to stay Monday to Thursday nights. That leaves Sunday. Often the quietest night of the week for hotels, and often where you can see some great discounts, particularly with spa hotels.

Include breakfast. Some hotels will include breakfast as a standard, others won't but will charge between £10 and £20 per person when you arrive if you want to add it. Most hotel breakfasts are buffet style so you can stock up for the day to help keep the cost of your getaway low.

Shop around. Hotels often provide standard rates to booking companies. However, those booking companies may also get extra discounts from the hotels, or give extra discounts to customers. If you've got a particular hotel you want to stay at in mind, it might be £119 when booking direct, but only £99 when ​you book through a hotel provider. Always shop around using a search comparison site like Trivago.

Spa hotels under £100

Of course there is no better getaway in the UK than a spa break, right?

There are plenty of spa break deals under £100 per person that you can take advantage off, some of which may offer treatments and meals too. Sunday nights are often when you find the best overnight spa deals so if you're able to take a Monday off work, you could save a packet on your next UK hotel break.

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