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Getting to, from and around Porto

Roughly two and a half hours flight time from London, there are a limited number of flights to Porto unlike its bigger sister, Lisbon. The easiest way to get from the airport to Porto city centre is via the Metro which runs regularly and costs just a few Euros for the 30 minute journey into Porto.

Things to do in Porto

Porto truly is a foodie city and there are plenty of cafes and restaurants you'll want to explore. The popular Cais da Ribeira on the north side of the river near the Ponte Luis I bridge is a cute riverside street with a variety of restaurants. Try the Bacchus Vini bar for a wine and cheese tasting experience with a local flavour.

You'll want to make sure you're getting in a little exercise to burn off all those delicious calories and exploring the city by foot is a great way to do so. Porto is a little spread out so if you’re here for a few days, you might want to invest in a metro card.

Where to stay in Porto

Ribeira is the real historical heart of Porto and is an ideal area to stay if you're on holiday for a few days, but it can mean hotel prices are slightly higher than other parts of the city.

Campanha is the main station with most metro lines passing through here so it's well connected. The area of Foz Do Douro is one of the coastal areas of Porto and perfect if you plan to spend your holiday with a mix of exploring the old city and enjoying the beach and it's many beachfront restaurants. Foz Do Douro doesn't have a metro stop here so you'll be needing to take the bus into the city centre to explore.

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