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Holiday Lettings

About Holiday Lettings

Holiday lettings are a great and alternative way of staying somewhere other than a hotel. While hotels can be great, sometimes it's nice to have some of the creature comforts of home, like being able to use kitchen bits to pull together your favourite lunch or just simply relaxing on the sofa after a hard day sightseeing.

Plus you get loads more options than just a hotel room. Holiday lettings can range from shared rooms to complete apartments, houses or villas, ideal if you want some extra space or the villa has a garden and/or pool.

Which Companies Offer Holiday Lettings?

There are a variety of companies that offer holiday lettings, many of which specialise in a certain kind of accommodation. Take James Villa Holidays, as you can tell by the name, their focus is on holiday villas in the likes of Majorca, Greece and the Canary Islands. You may also find some companies will also focus on specific destinations.

If it's a quiet country cottage you're after, the likes of Cottages4u and Cumbrian cottages focus on just that. Most of the holiday cottages within their database are owned privately and let to holidaymakers, particularly during the summer months.

Airbnb is another brand that has gained a lot of interest in recent years. The concept is simple. If you have a room, apartment, home or other type of accommodation that you want to rent out to earn a few quid, then this is the site to easily do it. As a customer, you're able to live like a local, and sometimes with a local, meaning you get to enjoy all the insider tips of the destination you're visiting, plus have all the comforts as if you were at home.

This can really be a great option if accommodation in the place you're visiting has become full or expensive, as well as a great, unique, quirky and unusual places to stay. From converted water towers to tree houses, and the more standard homes you would expect, it's always worth a look to see what's available. Perhaps you're after splashing out on an incredible mansion...

What To Expect When Letting A Holiday Property

So what can you expect from a holiday letting? What are the benefits? Well first of all, the idea is to have a home away from home so you don't feel homesick, or you want facilities that a hotel simply can't offer. Things like having a kitchen or living room can make all the difference. It can also be quite fun if you find somewhere more quirky and unusual, like a red brick house in Manhattan, an attic apartment with rooftop pool in Barcelona or getting back to nature in a treehouse.

Another benefit is that with the likes of Airbnb, the host is normally very accommodating and likes to get to know he guests, as well as offer tips and advice about visiting their city. Sometimes having that local guide can be an absolute godsend.

What's more, if you're in town for a concert, event or you've simply booked really late, a letting can be a more affordable option if hotels have sold out rooms or pushed up prices because of events or limited room availability. The costs can sometimes be cheaper even if you book earlier on.

Is A Holiday Let Right For Me?

You might have concerns about renting someone else's place, but it's actually a great option. The only thing you really need to bear in mind is any additional costs that you might incur. For example, some holiday homes are pet friendly, however there may be an additional charge for this to cover cleaning.

With Airbnb, there are also a number of extra costs that you may not realise. Things like bedding fees, cleaning fees or other guest service fees. The price you see when you search may not be the final amount you are expected to pay.