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Last Minute Cruise Deals 2024

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Great Last Minute Destinations

Popular destinations for a cruise includes places like St Peter Port in Guernsey (usually on a short break itinerary), Norway (for the Fjords), Barcelona (for the sunshine), and Venice (although many ships now have to dock in Marghera). Here are a few of the fantastic destinations you could be visiting on your itinerary.

Europe & The Mediterranean

So many ships head to Europe so that passengers can enjoy multiple European cities like Spain, Italy and France, and the Mediterranean is certainly a hotspot. Whether you choose a fly cruise, or depart from Southampton, some of the cheapest deals will be to Europe. Why not include a country or two you've never been to, like Croatia or Malta? If it's some last minute winter sun, take a look at cruises around the Canary Islands for warmer weather in December and January.

British Isles

Sailing around the UK doesn't sound that glam, but it can actually be a lovely way to see a bit more of old Blighty without the long and arduous car journeys. Although many cruises depart from Southampton, you can sometimes find departures from other ports like Tilbury, Dover, Liverpool, and Belfast.

Norwegian Fjords

Both northern Europe and the Norwegian Fjords offer something a little different to the usual hot and sunny cruise destinations you might have come to expect. Sailing through the dramatic scenery of the fjordlands is, for sure, one of the best experiences. Usually departing from the UK, companies like Norwegian Cruise Line, P&O Cruises, Cunard and Royal Caribbean all offer the Fjords as a cruise option.

Fly Cruises

You can skip the few days at sea to get to your perfect destination and book onto a fly cruise. Not all packages include flights though, so many sure to check what is and isn't included before you book. In Europe, Barcelona, Rome and Palma de Mallorca are three of the key ports where ships start their journey's, while in the Caribbean, places like Fort Lauderdale, Miami and Barbados are key places to fly into. Flying means you don't feel like you waste your whole 7 nights away, and you could also spend a couple of extra days in a hotel there before you sail. Take a look at Holland America Line and Celebrity Cruises if you're hoping to depart from the USA.

Last Minute Cruises From The UK

There are often some fantastic, late cruise deals to be had from the UK. One of the great things is that you get to skip the airport challenges and worries. There's still a check-in and luggage drop-off process before you board, but the experience can be much nicer, and then once you're onboard, you can visit all these great places, from Glasgow to Greece, without having to keep unpacking. For the most budget friendly, mini cruises from Southampton for just 3 nights can be a good option.

Cruises departing the UK usually leave from Southampton, however, other ports like Tilbury (which is in Essex but considered London), Dover, Liverpool and Greenock also have departures, so you might be able to escape from your local port.

It's important to be flexible with a late deal. You won't always get the best price for your ideal itinerary. And the full balance needs to be paid straight away (no low deposits here), so it's not all fun and games, but as long as you're fairly flexible, then you'll be great.

Types Of Cruises

All Inclusive

Trying to save money when you're on holiday can be a nightmare, especially when you've got a family of mouths to feed. If you're looking for a last minute all inclusive holiday, consider an all inclusive cruise many of which are family friendly. Most options include food anyway, and you can add on things like drinks packages, but other activities like kids' clubs, evening entertainment and other bits and pieces are included too. Some deals also have extra onboard spend for free or tips included!

Romantic Breaks

Instead of a typical city break, a cruise holidays can be the perfect alternative for something romantic. A few days away visiting places like Bruges, enjoying a glass of bubbles on the balcony as the sunsets is perhaps even more romantic than other trips you might be thinking of treating someone to.

Themed Cruises

Themed cruises aren't for everyone, so it might be a case that a particular sailing needs more bookings. As a result, these can sometimes be worth taking a look at. Themed itineraries are often around music, but can vary from company to company.

First Timers

If you're on a strict budget and have spotted a great offer (like if a cruise is cheaper than flying somewhere), a last minute cruise holiday might be a great introduction for first timers to cruising. You might have lower expectations, especially if all you want to do is escape the humdrum of life for a few days and enjoy yourself. On the flip side, you might want to carefully plan your first cruise months in advance to make sure you get the right company for you. For example, you'll find the experience on board a Cunard ship, very different to what goes on on a Virgin Voyages ship.

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