Cheap cruise holidays under 500

Cruise Holidays Under £500pp

A £500pp Cruise Guide

Last Minute Cruises Under £500

Some of the best deals can be found close to travel as cruise ships will often be setting sail with empty cabins, so companies want to make sure they are full. You'll often be able to find last minute cruises for less than £500pp which are travelling within the next couple of weeks but you'll really need to be flexible to take advantage of these offers, both in when you travel and where you travel.

There are lots of last minute cruise options from Southampton ranging from short breaks to Amsterdam to longer Mediterranean cruises. You'll also find the cheapest deals are for inside cabins which means no windows in your room, however there may still be upgrade options available and there are certainly some great outside cabin deals under £500pp.

Mini Cruises Under £500

Mini cruises are your best bet to keep under a £500 budget, with 2-5 night cruises staying close to the UK and sailing to France, northern Spain and Belgium. Most onboard facilities will be included along with food and maybe drinks as well depending on the cruise company.

Overnight ferries between the UK and Europe also often offer a mini cruise option for as little as £90 per person for a two night break. Although not quite offering the same facilities as a larger cruise ship, these ferries still provide ample entertainment for a short break on a budget.

What's Included in the Price of your Cruise?

What's included in a cruise depends on who you book with and what ship you choose. Generally the price you often see advertised is called the lead in price and is likely to be for an inside cabin, i.e. a cabin with no windows which is fine to keep the cost down, however some people like a window to minimise any sea sickness.

You should also generally expect your food to be included, this includes all three meal times as well as afternoon tea and cakes. Some outlets onboard may charge an extra fee so read the small print. Depending on who you book, some drinks may also be included in the cost, however this often doesn't include things like cocktails.

Excursions are something you shouldn't expect to be included in the cost of your cruise. While the ship may dock in a number of ports during your holiday and you're able to get off and explore, if you would like to organise an excursion or activity, these are usually at an additional cost.

As an alternative, take a look at all inclusive holidays under 500 at resorts in places like Morocco, Turkey, Tunisia and Egypt.

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