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Our Guide To Last Minute Southampton Cruises

When it comes to last-minute getaways, few options offer the perfect blend of adventure and relaxation quite like a cruise. And if you're based in the UK, Southampton stands as the gateway to a world of last-minute cruise adventures. With its bustling port and a plethora of cruise lines to choose from, Southampton offers a wide array of last-minute cruise opportunities. Whether you're a seasoned traveller or a first-timer, there's a last-minute cruise from Southampton waiting for you. In this guide, we'll explore the exciting destinations, cruise types, and the facilities of Southampton's cruise port.

Popular Cruise Lines With Last Minute Deals From Southampton

Last Minute Deals P&O Cruises

P&O Cruises


Royal Caribbean

Royal Caribbean


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MSC Cruises


Last Minute Deals Norwegian Cruise Line

Norwegian Cruise Line


Last Minute Cruise Guide

Great Last Minute Destinations From Southampton

Southampton serves as a launchpad to a myriad of captivating destinations, making it an ideal starting point for last-minute cruisers. Here are some top destinations you can explore from this bustling UK port:

The Mediterranean

A last-minute cruise from Southampton can whisk you away to the sun-soaked shores of the Mediterranean. Enjoy 14 nights exploring iconic cities like Barcelona, Rome, and Athens while indulging in delectable cuisine and experiencing rich history.

Northern Europe

If you prefer a cooler climate, opt for a Northern European cruise. Sail to the majestic Norwegian Fjords, visit the charming Baltic capitals, or even witness the mesmerising Northern Lights in Iceland.

British Isles

For a taste of home, embark on a cruise around the British Isles. Discover the beauty of Scotland, the charm of the Irish countryside, and the history of English cities like Liverpool and Belfast.

Transatlantic Crossings

Southampton is renowned for its transatlantic cruises, offering a unique opportunity to experience the thrill of the open ocean. Set sail for New York and relive the golden age of cruising with elegant sea days and luxurious amenities. Perhaps you'd enjoy a fly cruise, crossing the Atlantic Ocean and arriving into NYC, before flying back home to the UK.


Southampton also offers last minute cruises to the Caribbean Sea, where you can bask in the sun, snorkel in crystal-clear waters, and explore vibrant island cultures. These cruises often stop in the Canary Islands on the way or on the way back.

Types Of Cruises

All Inclusive

If you're looking for convenience and budget certainty, all-inclusive last-minute cruises from Southampton are an excellent choice. These packages often include meals, drinks, and even gratuities, allowing you to enjoy your holiday without worrying about extra expenses. Excursions aren't usually included in an all inclusive cruise.

Themed Cruises

Southampton frequently hosts themed last minute cruises that cater to specific interests. Whether you're a foodie, a history buff, a music lover, or a fitness enthusiast, there's likely a themed cruise that aligns with your passion.

First Timers

Southampton is a great starting point for cruise novices. Many cruise lines offer last minute deals tailored to first-timers, providing a gentle introduction to the world of cruising. You'll find plenty of guidance and support to make your experience memorable.

Mini Cruises

Short on time or just want a quick getaway? Mini cruises from Southampton offer a brief yet enjoyable escape. These typically last for two to four nights, making them perfect for a long weekend or a short break.

For Families

Southampton's family-friendly cruises ensure that every member of your clan, from kids to grandparents, has a fantastic time. With on-board activities, kids' clubs, and family-friendly excursions, it's a memorable holiday for all. You may find even more discounts for the little ones are available when sharing a cabin.

Adults Only

If you're seeking a serene, child-free environment for relaxation and tranquility, adults-only last-minute cruises are available from Southampton. These cruises offer a peaceful escape with upscale amenities, spa services, and gourmet dining.

About Southampton Cruise Port

Southampton cruise port is not just a point of departure; it's an integral part of the cruise experience. Here's what you need to know about this bustling hub:

Convenience: Located just 75 miles from central London, Southampton is easily accessible by train, car, or air. The port's proximity to major transport hubs makes it a convenient choice for travellers from across the UK.

Modern Facilities: Southampton boasts state-of-the-art cruise terminals equipped with passenger amenities like shops, restaurants, and efficient check-in services. Its modern infrastructure ensures a seamless embarkation process.

Cruise Lines: Southampton is a home port for numerous cruise lines, including P&O Cruises, Cunard Line, and Royal Caribbean. This variety means you can choose the cruise line that best aligns with your preferences.

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