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Mini Cruise Breaks 2023/2024

Mini Cruise Guide

Mini Cruise Deals from the UK

Traditionally, Southampton was the main port you would cruise from, however a number of other ports in the UK now cater well for cruises. In fact, Liverpool is to undergo a huge redevelopment in order to be capable of taking large cruise ships.

Mini cruises from Southampton and Portsmouth in the south, and Newcastle and Hull in the north mean you don't necessarily have to drive the length of the country in order to enjoy a cruise. Some companies will help organise a car service to pick you up and take you right to the cruise terminal in port.

Mini Cruise Destinations

A mini cruise is great for seeing if you might like to go on a longer cruise but it's also a chance to see somewhere new. There are a number of destinations that can be on a mini cruise itinerary. For example DFDS offers mini cruises aboard its ferry ships between Newcastle and Amsterdam (and often have 2 for 1 mini cruise offers), while P&O offers ports of call like Guernsey and Bruges on their short cruises.

It's worth noting that the mini cruises to Amsterdam with DFDS won't have the same level of facilities and activities as with a P&O or Carnival cruise ship which are catered better for longer periods at sea.

You can get off in each location and explore the area by yourself or as part of an organised excursion which can be booked in advance or onboard. Alternatively, if you just want to enjoy the facilities on board the ship, you're welcome to stay aboard while the crowds are on dry land.

Last Minute Mini Cruises

If you're after a deal, booking a mini cruise at the last minute might be worth it. These ships are departing anyway so if there are cabins on board empty, the cruise companies would rather people in there than it going empty, so you may find that a late deals could save you ££s.

You may need to be flexible in where and when you go, as well as the sort of cabin you stay in. Outside cabins, especially those with balconies are incredibly popular and can get booked up very quickly, leaving inside cabins (which don't have windows) to the latecomers.

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