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Flights With Ryanair

Where does Ryanair fly from in the UK?

Of the 17 airports in the UK that Ryanair flies from, most offer year-round flights and to a great deal of destinations. Ryanair's main UK bases including London Stansted, Manchester, Glasgow, Liverpool and East Midlands, although they do also offer flights from smaller airports like Newquay to Alicante.

While not having the best customer service reputation, they do have a very good on-time performance, often adding in time to flight schedules to make up time in case of any delays.

With the huge growth in low-cost airline travel in recent years, a number of other airlines have taken their low-cost service to long-haul flights, like Edinburgh to New York or Gatwick to Los Angeles. Ryanair on the other hand have very much remained in Europe, although still flying to destinations as far as Israel, the Canary Islands and the Ukraine.

Ryanair also offers intra-Europe flights from bases like Pisa, Madrid and Budapest, just in case you're after flights within Europe and not just departing from the UK.

So with flights starting from as low as £4.99 per person each way (which often sounds too good to be true), here are some other things about Ryanair you should be aware of.

Important things to know about Ryanair

Check in

If flying Ryanair, the best thing to do is probably download the Ryanair App, which allows you to check-in online for your flight and download your mobile boarding pass to your smart phone device. Just make sure you have enough phone battery when it comes to boarding.

The Ryanair App

The Ryanair App is a really useful tool. From searching for flights (although there are still a few bugs), to checking-in and receiving your boarding pass, it's incredibly handy, especially if you're abroad and you need to check-in but can't print out your boarding pass.

Boarding passes

It is recommended to use the Ryanair App to download your mobile boarding pass if you can. That way it's far less likely to get lost. If the Ryanair team at the airport has to print your boarding pass for you, there is a £15/€15 fee for them to do this. There's also a £45/€45 fee to check-in at the airport.


Customers can add a checked-in hold bag in their booking at an additional cost of between £10-£40 per piece each way. If purchased at the airport or via the call centre, this ranges from £25-£50 per piece of luggage.

Cabin Baggage

All bookings include hand luggage which is one piece at a maximum of 10kg and dimensions no bigger than 55cm x 40cm x 20cm, plus a smaller bag, such as duty free shopping. Ryanair staff have been known to refuse luggage in the cabin, and instead charge a fee to put the bag in the hold of the aircraft for the flight if it exceeds the above dimensions.

Hidden costs

As you can see, there are a number of possible additional fees involved when booking with Ryanair, ranging from printing boarding passes, to excess luggage. These fees help to cover the additional costs of fuel or airport staffing which otherwise wouldn't have been utilised.

£4.99/£9.99 flights

Ryanair has a range of deals including flights from £4.99 and £9.99 to a variety of European destinations, often to/from much smaller airports where costs are lower. It is very possible to find and book these flights, however, as mentioned, you should be aware of any additional costs that may be incurred such as luggage.

How to save on your next getaway with Ryanair

If you're looking to getaway in Europe, there's a good chance, Ryanair will fly to the destination you're after, and there's also a good chance of them having the lowest fares. That said, it's always worth comparing flights using websites like Skyscanner to make sure other airlines such as easyJet, Monarch or British Airways aren't cheaper.

The other thing to remember is that Ryanair fares don't include things like luggage, and you'll need to make sure you can download or print your boarding pass so as to not incur any additional costs. And if you can be flexible with your dates or flight times, there's a good chance you might be able to get your flight cheaper.