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Low Cost Holidays With Ryanair Flights

Low-cost airline Ryanair has become one of the largest airlines in Europe, offering flights from across the UK, including many regional airports such as Newquay, Edinburgh, East Midlands and Liverpool, which means you can get some fantastically cheap holiday bargains from your local airport with Ryanair.

If you fly Ryanair, holidays can be as little as £99 per person, perfect for saving money if you're on a tight holiday budget but still in need of some sunshine. So check out the destinations available and see how much you could save by booking your next holiday with Ryanair flights from your local airport.

Where Does Ryanair Fly From?

Ryanair flies from 17 airports in the UK, meaning if you live in the south-west, or the north-east of England, you can still getaway on holiday.

Key regional airports that Ryanair flies from includes Liverpool, Edinburgh, Newcastle, Cardiff, Bournemouth, East Midlands and Birmingham. Ryanair also flies from London airports Gatwick, Stansted and Luton.

If you live in Northern Ireland and after a cheap holiday, don't worry, Ryanair also flies to a handful of European destinations from Belfast.

Ryanair Holiday Destinations

No matter what type of holiday you are after in Europe, the likelihood is that Ryanair will fly to the destination. With services as far as Oslo in the north of Europe, Morocco and the Canary Islands in the south-west of Europe and Eilat in Israel, there's a broad range of destinations to choose from for your next break away.

After a beach holiday in winter? No problem. Ryanair flies all year round to destinations like Fuerteventura, Tenerife and Larnaca. Fancy a city break in Milan or Venice? Perfect! Ryanair offers flights to Milan from four cities in the UK. Or perhaps you're after visiting family back in your hometown? Absolutely fine! Ryanair flies to over 140 destinations from the UK, meaning your next holiday can be booked cheaply with Ryanair flights.

To book your holiday, simply book your flights on the Ryanair website and then your hotel after with the likes of Hotels.com, or book them together with OnTheBeach.co.uk

Keep Your Ryanair Holiday Low Cost

With flights being sold from as little as £4.99, Ryanair is a great way to getaway on the cheap, however, it is a low-cost airline, so you should be aware of certain charges that can crop up so that your holiday doesn't go over budget.

Baggage is one such charge that can add up, particularly for a family. Even if you're away for a week, try and get all your stuff into one smaller case that can fit into the overhead bins onboard.