Sun holiday in Majorca

Sun Holidays 2024/2025

Holidays In The Sun Or Sunny Holidays, You Choose

Getaway in 2024/2025 with one of thousands of sun holidays. But did you mean one of the £9.50 holidays in the sun newspaper or did you mean getting away to somewhere far away with year-round sunshine? Like a sunny, summer holiday in the Canary Islands? Choose below which sun holiday you are after, and we'll show you the deals:

Holidays in the Sun Newspaper

The Sun Newspaper Holidays

Were you after one of the £9.50 or £15 holidays from the Sun Newspaper using the Sun holidays code words? If so, click below.

Holidays in the sunshine

Holidays In The Sunshine

Was it a holiday in the sunshine that you wanted? Perhaps a beach break in the Algarve somewhere? If so, click below.


If it's neither of these holidays that you're after, then we've missed a trick. Simply check out our great range of holiday deals and find one that's right for you and your budget.

Sun Holidays Or Holidays In The Sunshine?

holidays abroad in the sunshine

Holidays Abroad In The Sunshine

If it's a sun holiday somewhere abroad in the sunshine, then you've got plenty to choose from. Take a look at our beach holidays under £100 per person, or maybe you already have a destination in mind?

Wherever you want to go on your next holiday, one thing is for sure, we will try and bring you the best deals around so that you can stick to your budget. Try an all-inclusive holiday so that you don't have to worry about any extras once you've landed in the sunshine.

Sun holidays and codes in the newspaper

Sun Newspaper Holidays

Was is the £9.50 holidays in the Sun newspaper that you were after?

Simply collect the codes in 2024 from the Sun newspaper, or alternatively, we collect them for you here, so that you don't have to. Then all you need to do is book online when the booking form opens. Choose which holiday park you'd like to stay at, or if you aren't yet sure, we've got some favourites. Pick your dates and book your £9.50 holiday. Simple, easy and super cheap.