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Cheap Short Breaks Under £100pp

Latest short break deals under £100pp

Budget Breaks Under £100pp

In a day and age where everyone wants a holiday but budgets are often small, trying to find a cheap weekend break under £100 can be difficult. With this in mind, the mybudgetbreak team search our holiday, travel and activity partners to find the latest offers for less than £100.

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From short theatre breaks in London, to beach holidays in Spain, we know how much these little trips and getaways mean to you and with only a limited budget of £100 per person, it's hard to know what you can really get out there and do so we wanted to give you the inspiration you need.

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What Can £100pp Get You?

You would be surprised at just how much £100 can get you, what other items cost in comparison. It also makes you realise that actually, that short break that you so desperately want, isn't that difficult to get at all:

  • Two coffees a day at work from a nice coffee shop could cost you £5 a day or £100 in a month, which is as cheap as a city break to Paris.
  • Two nice meals at £50 a time is £100, or the cost of a beach break in the Algarve.
  • Three nights out with your mates is perhaps £100, or as much as a theatre break in London with 4-star hotel

See where we are going with this? A cheap break for under £100 is a lot easier than you might think.