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£99 Mystery Holidays With Wowcher - Our Complete Guide

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We get so many questions about the Wowcher Mystery Holiday deal. What is it? How does it work? What are the reviews like? Where can I go? Are they worth it? How do I book? So we thought, why not create a handy guide that answers all of these useful questions and more. And we've even tried the mystery deal ourselves using our own money, so we can genuinely review it too!

Below you'll find heaps of information about the Mystery Holiday offers in 2024, and hopefully the answer to all of your questions about the holidays and city breaks so that you can decide if a Mystery Holiday is for you or not.

It's important to note that we paid for our own Wowcher Mystery Holiday and the review of our experience is our honest opinion, however, we do partner with them and the informational content below is sponsored by Wowcher.

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Albufeira, Algarve

What Are Mystery Holidays

Mystery holidays abroad are an exciting way to take a break, potentially on a cheap budget, without necessarily knowing where you are going. In this guide, we're diving into the £99 Mystery Holiday with Wowcher (or £129 during peak summer months like July and August), however, there are others out there with companies, as well as secret holidays where you don't find out where you're going until you get to the airport!

Not knowing where you are going when you get to the airport can seem a little scary so you might prefer to go with the Wowcher deal, allowing you to plan ahead, and make sure you're not suddenly spending hundreds of pounds while you're away, which, based on our own experience and reviews from other customers, can happen.

So we're here to help you work out whether a mystery getaway is the right break for you, and how you can keep to a budget while you're away.

Sagrada Familia, Barcelona

How It Works?

Seems a bit complicated. but it's actually quite straightforward. Let's breakdown how the Wowcher Mystery Holidays actually work...

  1. Understand that you're buying a voucher from Wowcher, not yet a holiday.

  2. Once you've bought the voucher, you redeem it online using the instructions provided in the email you receive.

  3. The holiday company (not Wowcher) will be in touch within 5 days to tell you where you can go and find out more details about availability.

  4. All trips are subject to availability, and you may need to pay extra if you want to choose a different destination or travel on different dates and flight times.

  5. Any extra fees or fare differences need to be paid to the holiday company (not Wowcher).

  6. Once paid and booked, the holiday company will send you all the confirmation details.

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Possible Mystery Holiday Destinations

There are 100 potential destinations you could travel to within this promotion, but you don't find out until after you've bought the voucher. There are 2,000 holidays in total up for grabs for each promotion which are split into three tiers of mystery destination:

Tier 1 - Long haul destinations like the Maldives, Thailand, Las Vegas, New York and Mexico - 11 holidays available Tier 2 - Multi-stop trips and beach holidays like an Iceland & Northern Lights tour, all inclusive Crete holiday, and a Swiss Alps train experience Tier 3 - Short city breaks to places like Munich, Rome, Paris and Amsterdam

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Mystery Holiday Reviews

Simply Google "Wowcher Mystery Holiday Reviews" and you'll find loads of people who have detailed their experiences of a mystery holiday, on review sites like Trustpilot, in Reddit forums, on social media and even video reviews on YouTube and TikTok.

You can check out our review below, but one thing you'll find is that there may be extra costs to improve your holiday options such as departing from outside of London, such as Belfast, Birmingham or Glasgow airports, or choosing better flight times so you don't arrive at midnight and need to pay for expensive taxis.

Many reviews also talk about the "forgotten extras" like food & drink, travel costs when you get there and any check-in luggage you might want to take.

There are currently two Mystery Holiday deals, one with Weekender Breaks and one with Travelodeal. We recommend the Travelodeal offer.

Alvor, Algarve

Our Experience

We were intrigued and wanted to try it for ourselves, and here's what our team genuinely thought...

"It's a little daunting to book somewhere, anywhere, when we didn't know where we were going, but the opportunity here is awesome! We had a lovely time in Portugal, great hotel, lovely area, but, there are definitely some things to be mindful of for the best experience.

It's a voucher you're buying, not yet a holiday, and essentially credit you have with the holiday company. This means your £99pp holiday may have a couple of extra costs once you've changed flights to better dates or times.

Also be mindful about all the other extras you might need to consider, like airport transfers. When we went to the Algarve, a private transfer would have cost £80, but we took public buses and trains.

If you can be flexible and fancy an exciting adventure, it can be really fun!"

Mystery Holiday Frequently Asked Questions

Top Tips

Based on our experience, we thought we would also provide a couple of top tips for the best chances of a £99 holiday:

Read The Terms & Conditions

You might not normally, but this is no ordinary trip. Read through the terms and conditions here before you book to fully understand how it works and what to expect.

Be Flexible

The more flexible you are, the better your chances of not paying any extra. Sometimes that's easier said than done, but worth thinking about before you book.

Document Your Trip

Go with an open mind and an adventurous spirit, and be sure to document your trip online and on social media so that others can better understand what it's like.

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