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City Breaks For Solo Travellers

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The best city breaks for one person

From the history and museums of Budapest, to the great food, art and culture of Italy, with so many to choose from, finding a city break that is perfect when travelling alone can be tough. So here are our best city breaks for one person to help you:

Paris, France

In a city full of museums, shops and cafes, the solo traveller is very welcome. From enjoy a relaxing summer stroll in Le Jardín du Luxembourg, to sipping a coffee while people watching at Place d'Italie, there are plenty of things to do and see in Paris.

Copenhagen, Denmark

Rated as one of the safest cities in Europe, Copenhagen provides a little of everything, making a solo trip here ideal. In the summer, meandering through the streets and sampling its cafe culture is a wonderful experience, while in winter, the Christmas markets light up the cobbles and provide the festive cheer to get you excited about all things Christmas.

Cadiz, Spain

You might not have even heard of Cadiz, but it's a lovely little seaside city, with gorgeous sandy beaches, an beautiful Old Town, and is actually one of the oldest cities in Western Europe. The nearest direct flights from the UK are into Seville airport, about 2 hours away, and makes for a great alternative to the likes of Seville, often with far fewer tourists.


Did you know that in 2023, Iceland was ranked the top country in the Global Peace Index, an indication of the safeest places in the world? Reykjavik and Iceland has long been a favourite for adventurous holidays, heading up to see the infamous northern lights, taking a dip in the luscious Blue Lagoon, or discovering one of the many stunning waterfalls. An organised trip can also be perfect if you want a bit of extra security, safe in the knowledge that you're being led by someone who knows the island.

Safety and security

When travelling in a city alone, your safety and security is paramount. The Safe Cities Index is a whitepaper which studies 60 major urban areas, looking at things like medical coverage and crime risks to help you understand which places are great to visit for solo travel.

In 2021 it published its latest study which saw Copenhagen the safest city for personal security. And Copenhagen is actually a great destination to visit anyway. Plenty of low-cost flights, a good range of accommodation, and is also good for Christmas markets too.

Walking Tours

If you're unsure about wandering around a place by yourself, walking tours are a great way to both meet fellow travellers, as well as get to know a city in a safe way. Organised trips are often best booked in advance to help you prepare for your trip, but hotel staff are always on hand to give a recommendation or two. It is worth noting that in many cities, including top places like Prague, Rome and Barcelona, petty theft is common. Pickpockets will often target tourists, and if you're wandering around in a walking tour or cycling tour, you may be an obvious target, but your host should also be weary of this.

Bars, Restaurants And Nightlife

As evening comes around and the light fades, it can feel a little unnerving to wander around a city by yourself in the dark. Chatting with locals and hotel staff to find the best places to go can be a good starting point. If you're travelling alone, avoid having too much alcohol and always be aware of your surroundings. Many European cities have a restaurant culture that involves eating a bars, which can also help you feel less alone.

Top brands for single travellers

Much Better Adventures

If you love a more adventurous trip, Much Better Adventures organises a huge range of organised tours across the world, from kayaking and wild camping in Norway to hiking in the foothills of Mount Everest. Why are they so good for solo travellers? Being part of an organised group allows you to meet new people while still having the adventure and freedom of the outdoors. What's more, on adventure holidays it's so important to stay safe, and not only do you have the safety of a group (instead of being out in the wild on your own), you also get the valuable experience of a local guide.

Just You

Just You holidays are escorted your specialists who focus their tours on solo travellers. If you've already hunted around for deals, you'll know that two people travelling together can share the cost of a hotel room. But with Just You, they negotiate single supplement rates and even offer no single supplements on a variety of trips to make sure you aren't paying over the odds as a single holidaymaker. With destinations ranging from Edinburgh to Ecuador the tours are tailored to those who are nervous about travelling alone, or simply enjoy meeting new people. They also have women only holidays for extra peace of mind.

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