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Top Last Minute Destinations

To get a great late deal, you should try and be flexible and that includes with your destination. You may find that one weekend, a trip to Berlin could be the cheapest, while the next week a short break in Morocco could offer the best deals at the last minute. Here are some of our top destinations to keep an eye out for at the last minute.


Copenhagen generally has some great flight prices which can be one of the biggest costs for your trip. It's also an alternative city that you might not have initially thought about visiting. Great food and a great alternative for a Christmas markets break, Copenhagen is definitely a city worth thinking about at the last minute.


Milan is another great city to check out if you're after a late deal. Plenty of flights into all three airports, Milan's Linate, Malpensa and Bergamo, means you've got more options to choose from. Stay in the city centre or check out some of the accommodation options in the suburbs.


While it might not be abroad, Edinburgh is a great city to explore and you have lots of options to get there, driving, coach, train and plane, so again, you've got lots of travel options. And if you're finding accommodation in the city centre is expensive, look a bit further out, or even try a holiday park nearer the coast that offers a budget stay.

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How Late Can You Book A City Break

In short, just a few hours. One of the key things to getting a great deal on a city break is to always keep your eyes open. You never know when you might find one, whether that's booking months in advance or just a few days before the flight. You can even book a break the same day if you really wanted to. Fly out that evening and book a late hotel deal, and you've got a last second getaway.

There are a lot of things that can influence the cost of a trip, including events like festivals or big exhibitions which can push up demand for flights and hotels. On the flip side, if there is nothing going on, it's low season or demand is low, even at the last minute prices can be dropped to fill up seats and rooms. It's all about keeping an eye out for deals.