Germany City Breaks

Germany City Breaks

Popular German City Breaks

Brandenburg Gate - Berlin City Breaks


Rich in history, culture and a whole lot of fun. No matter what you enjoy, a city break in Berlin is for you.

Munich City Breaks


Munich is a fun city with plenty of tradition. If you're not wearing lederhosen in a bierkeller, did you even visit Munich?


Getting to, from and around Germany

There are loads of daily flights from the UK to Germany, including regional departures like Bristol, Manchester and Edinburgh. Direct flights to Berlin, Frankfurt, Stuttgart, Cologne and many others make it so easy to get here.

Once you've arrived, public transport whether bus, metro or train is easy and very well connected, allowing you to get into the city centre as quickly as possible. Getting around a city is generally pretty easy, if not by foot (one of the best ways to explore a city is to walk). Getting between cities throughout the country can also be straightforward too, with the well connected Deutsche Bahn train network. Bookings for intercity railway journeys should be booked in advance for the best prices.

Top 8 City Breaks In Germany

1. Berlin

Quite probably the first city you think of in Germany, Berlin has a truly unique and magical way about it. From its lively nightlife to its historic Berlin Wall, the German capital city is a must-visit for anyone thinking about their next city break.

2. Munich

For a flavour of Germany tradition, Munich is a brilliant option. You'll want to visit Marienplatz and Neues Rathaus (new town hall), the city's focal point, but it's amongst the cobbled streets you'll find some real treats of local shops, bars, restaurants and bierkellers that make this place truly special.

3. Hamburg

Hamburg has recently become famous as the cool and trendy place to visit. It's got a real cosmopolitan feel, despite the fact that it's a harbour city. Great for Christmas market breaks, boat rides on the Elbe or a wander through UNESCO World Heritage site Speicherstadt.

4. Stuttgart

Perhaps a lesser known city amongst travellers, Stuttgart has a similar traditional feel to Munich, but great for car enthusiasts with both the Porsche Museum and Mercedes-Benz Museum being located here.

5. Cologne

Cologne provides an alternative to your typical destinations, especially if you've been on a holiday to Germany before. A truly magical place in winter with its Xmas markets, the city sits along the River Rhine and offers plenty of parks and riverside walks to enjoy.

6. Regensburg

Another hidden gem, Regensburg, in the country's state of Bavaria is home to 1,500 listed buildings and its Old Town being another UNESCO World Heritage site. You'll need to fly into Munich for this one which is about 75km away.

7. Mannheim

Whether wandering through Luisenpark or admiring the baroque architecture of the palace, you'll be left in awe of Mannheim, although it's probably the famous water tower you'll recognise most. Don't forget to take in one of the many art galleries and museums here too.

8. Bamberg

Yet another UNESCO World Heritage centre, Bamberg is a pretty little place along the Regnitz River in Bavaria. Its central island position means the cute bridges connecting it make for wonderful photo opportunities.

Things to do in Germany

With so many fantastic places to visit, you'll be spoilt for choice. If you love learning about traditional culture, head south to places to Munich and Stuttgart. If you love your cuisine, cities like Berlin and Frankfurt can offer some of the best restaurants around.

Places like Hamburg and Berlin offer some incredibly trendy galleries and museums, just waiting to be discovered. If you love outdoor spaces, places like Dusseldorf and Cologne, both located on River Rhine are ideal for this.

Places to visit in Germany

Famous Places To Visit In Germany

You've probably seen Neuschwanstein Castle in photos and videos. In fact, it was the castle in the flying car scene of Chitty Chitty Bang Bang amongst other films which has helped make it famous. It's worth bearing in mind that it's about a 2 hour drive from Munich.

Most Beautiful Places To Visit In Germany

From the Black Forest to Lake Konigsee, Germany has some stunning outdoor spaces, but you'll find some beautiful towns and cities dotted along its rivers, including Heidelberg on the River Neckar, Cochem on the Moselle and Braubach on the Rhine.

Historical Places To Visit In Germany

When you visit Germany for the first time, Berlin will probably be high up on your hit list, and it's easy to see why. This city has everything, from museums and art galleries to epic nightclubs and trendy places to eat, but it's the history that many people want to discover.

Romantic Places To Visit In Germany

You might be tempted to think of other cities in Europe for romance, but Germany has it all. River destinations like Heidelberg and Bamberg are wonderful, relaxing and romantic places to stay.

Traditional Places To Visit In Germany

Munich is a traditional city well known for its beer and wurst, and these definitely have to be enjoyed, especially in one of the city's many beer halls. But other areas like Marienplatz, Nymphenburg Palace and Olympiapark should also be seen. If you've got the time, make sure you take a day trip to the iconic Neuschwanstein Castle.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The best time of year to visit German cities is between spring and autumn, while the weather is warmer. Some cities have some great outdoor spaces like "beach bars" and park festivals so the summer months can be ideal, although July and August can get quite busy with tourists too.

We love the cuter towns and cities along the rivers like Heidelberg and Bamberg.

There are so many wonderful places to visit. Check out our top places to visit above!

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