Naples City Breaks

Naples City Breaks 2024/2025

Hotels In Naples You Don't Want To Miss

Getting to from and around Naples - View from plane wing

Getting to, from and around Naples

For UK travellers, reaching Naples is a breeze with various airlines offering direct flights. Major carriers like British Airways, Jet2 and EasyJet operate regular routes from London, Manchester, and other major cities. These flights offer a mix of comfort and value, ideal for both quick weekend getaways and longer stays. Remember, booking in advance can often secure you the best deals.

Tour Operator & City Break Packages

For a hassle-free experience, several tour operators provide flight and hotel Naples city break packages. Companies like TUI and Jet2Holidays offer deals that typically include flights, accommodation, and sometimes even guided tours or excursions. These packages are perfect for those who prefer having their itinerary sorted, leaving more time to enjoy the sights and sounds of Naples.

Getting Around

Navigating Naples is part of the adventure. The city's public transport system, including buses, trams, and the metro, is an efficient way to get around. For more scenic routes, the funicular railways offer stunning views. Taxis are widely available, though walking remains one of the best ways to explore the city's hidden alleys and discover its local charms.

When To Go

Spring and Autumn can be the best times to go to the city of Naples. The weather isn't too hot, you probably won't find as many tourists, and everywhere should be open. The summer however, can get swelteringly hot, making the city a little unbearable. This is why many Neapolitans close up for the month of August and head to the beach. Between June and September can be the best time to visit the holiday style towns and villages along this part of the Italian coast.

Things To Do in Naples

Things to do in Naples

History & Culture

Naples' historical richness is unparalleled. The historic centre, a UNESCO World Heritage site, is a labyrinth of history, housing landmarks like the Naples Cathedral and the majestic Castel Nuovo. Don't miss the underground Naples tour, revealing a subterranean world dating back to Greek and Roman times.

Food & Drink

A trip to Naples wouldn't be complete without indulging in its world-famous cuisine. From street food like ‘cuoppo’ (fried seafood) to traditional trattorias serving up classic Neapolitan pizza, your taste buds are in for a treat. Join a food tour or simply wander the streets to discover culinary delights.

Art & Museums

Art enthusiasts should visit the Naples National Archaeological Museum, home to an extensive collection of artefacts from Pompeii and Herculaneum. Contemporary art lovers will find their haven in the MADRE, Naples’ museum of contemporary art.

Day Trips From Naples

Naples serves as a gateway to some of Italy's most iconic destinations. The ruins of Pompeii and Herculaneum offer a glimpse into ancient Roman life, while the Amalfi Coast, with its picturesque villages like Positano and Amalfi, provides stunning coastal scenery.

Where To Stay In Naples

Where to stay in Naples

Accommodation in Naples caters to all tastes and budgets. Luxury seekers might gravitate towards the grandeur of the Grand Hotel Vesuvio, offering panoramic views of the bay. Boutique hotels in the historic centre, like the Decumani Hotel de Charme, provide a more intimate experience, with easy access to major attractions.

Budget travellers can find comfort in quality hostels or affordable hotels. The Hostel of the Sun offers a friendly atmosphere and is a favourite among young travellers. Self-catering apartments are another great choice, offering the freedom to explore Naples at your own pace.

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