TUI Discount Codes

TUI Discount Codes

TUI Cruise Discount Codes

Discount Cruises

If you're a fan of cruises, you're in luck, as TUI often offers discount codes for cruises. Cruises have set departure dates so it's important that TUI fills as many cabins on those cruises as they can, so these discount codes can often help fill them, particularly during low seasons.

Try and be flexible if you can, as not all cruises will be discounted with the code. Some, more popular cruises, may not need help filling rooms so TUI won't want to discount here. And don't forget TUI also do river cruises to which is a great option for those who prefer to sit back and enjoy the scenery.

TUI Discount Code Destinations

Discount Destinations

Canary Islands

The Canary Islands are a popular choice for holidaymakers, which is why it's great when TUI brings out a discount code for the Canaries. Sometimes this can be a specific island, but most of the time it will be for all destinations within the islands.


Italy isn't as much of a strong destination for TUI than other key holiday destinations like Portugal or Greece, so when you've got fantastic resorts like the TUI Magic Life in Calabria, sometimes you can't help but take a look at what's on offer as an alternative destination. If you prefer the mountains, keep an eye out for TUI's Lakes & Mountains promo codes too.

TUI Brand Discounts

The TUI brands included in the offer vary from promotion to promotion. Some discount codes will focus on a particular TUI brand or offering like TUI River Cruises or TUI Lakes & Mountains, while others may focus on the destination more, which means that brands like Sensatori or TUI Magic Life could be included in the discount offer. You should always check the terms and conditions of any discount code before booking, but if you just want to know if it works, why not go through the booking process to just before you pay and apply the code to see if the discount is taken off?

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