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Holidays to Tenerife

Tenerife, Spain

Ideal for enjoying some winter sun, Tenerife is a great year round destination and perfect for sunny escapes

Holidays to the Algarve

Algarve, Portugal

Sunny, fun and affordable, the Algarve has some fantastic accommodation options to suit all budgets

Holidays To Antalya Turkey

Antalya, Turkey

Incredible all inclusive resorts, ideal if you want to head somewhere warm and not worry about a thing

Holidays to Devon

Devon, UK

Stay closer to home and enjoy the stunning beaches and countryside on an escape in Devon


5 Signs You Need A Holiday

Sometimes you need to learn how to tell you need a holiday. With the stresses of everyday life, it's important to be self aware and understand when you just need to step back and take a break to relax, recover, recouperate and face the world again. Here are 5 key signs that you need a holiday:

  1. 1. You're not sleeping well
  2. 2. You're stressed at work
  3. 3. You're struggling to concentrate
  4. 4. You're eating unhealthily
  5. 5. You're struggling to get out of bed in the morning

Why We Need A Holiday

Scientific research has shown that there are a number of benefits of taking a holiday, whether that's alone, with a partner, with family or friends. It can be incredibly beneficial to take time out from daily life, step away from some of life's stresses and unwind. Spending time with the ones you love and who can make you laugh can also be ideal for mental and physical health.

Holidays can be the perfect opportunity to spend quality family time together, especially if you live busy lives. From having fun in the pool and playing board games to taking long coastal walks and learning arts and crafts, taking a holiday with your family helps build bonds between parents and children and amongst siblings.

What To Do If You Can't Take A Holiday

It's important to recognise when you're stressed, upset, depressed or just need to take a break, but there might be a number of reasons why you can't take a holiday. Whether you don't have enough annual leave, you have family commitments or you just don't have the money, taking a break, whatever that break looks like is vital to your physical and psychological health.

If things really are bad, you should talk to your GP, a friend or family member to discuss why you're feeling like this. They may be able to provide you with help and advice for your situation. Holidays can help you relax and escape the challenges or stress you are facing, however it's also important to face these challenges head on rather than run away from them. After all, you'll only come back from your holiday facing the same challenges.

In the short term, take some time out, even if for a short period of time, to relax and take a step back. Hobbies can be a great way to take your mind of things and do something you enjoy. Meditation can help you with your breathing and mental health. Apps like Calm can be an incredibly useful tool for this.

Where Can I Go On Holiday Now

Despite Covid, there are loads of places you can now go on holiday which are on the UK's green list and many destinations will allow us to visit if we are double jabbed. These destinations and restrictions can change very quickly and at the last minute, so make sure to check the latest travel advice and travel restrictions for your destination before you book and travel. We always recommend taking out comprehensive travel insurance too.


Travel has now reopened to Spain and whether you're looking for a city break or beach holiday, it can be a great option for a cheap getaway. With regular flights from across the UK, there are lots of options to choose from so maybe it's time to discover a new city like Madrid or Seville, or enjoy the Spanish sunshine in the Costa del Sol or Majorca.


For a true escape, Greece offers the perfect mix of sunshine, beaches, culture and incredible food. There's nothing like sitting at a quiet taverna, in the shade, on a sunny day, slight breeze in the air, enjoying the taste of a Mediterranean salad.

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