European city breaks

City Breaks To Europe

The Best City Breaks In Europe

The best city breaks in Europe are very subjective, however, here are our favourites:

  1. Barcelona

    We love Barcelona. Combining exquisite Spanish cuisine, fine art and architecture, as well as soft sandy beaches, makes for an ideal city escape, even in the winter months.

  2. Prague

    Often known as a bit of a party place for stag dos, Prague is rich in history and full of lots of culture.

  3. Paris

    Paris is a wonderful city. If you've never been before you should certainly add it to your list of must-see destinations. A bit like London, once you've done the main tourist traps, there are plenty of hidden gems in and around the city to enjoy like a local.

  4. Venice

    The beautiful canals of Venice are a spectacle to behold. With rising sea levels, you should certainly add Venice to your list. Of course there are a number of popular tourist traps, however, you can easily lose yourself along the canals and narrow pathways through the city. Be sure to check out some of the other stunning city breaks in Italy.

  5. Amsterdam

    Despite the stereotypes, Amsterdam really is best seen by bike, and boat, and foot. Simply wandering the streets and canals are a wonderful way to explore the city and with plenty of museums and galleries, you'll certainly stumble upon some fantastic hidden gems.

Unusual Short Break Ideas

While you're typical cities like Barcelona, Paris and Rome should be on anyones bucket list, there are lots of fun and exciting, unusual cities to visit. Why not discover the hidden underground streets of Edinburgh, or enjoy the magnificent street art in and around Berlin.

City Break Discounts & Promo Codes

There are some great ways to save on your next city break. Many tour operators and travel companies offer a variety of discounts, including money off discounts and promo codes. Many also feature some sort of loyalty offer. This can be in the form of free nights like with or exclusive discounts for previously booking.

European City Breaks Near The Beach

Discovering a new city is a wonderful experience, but sometimes it's lovely to be able to combine culture with some much needed time in the sunshine on the beach. Top cities like Palma in Majorca or Nice in France can offer these sorts of experiences. Why not spend the morning wandering the shops, while in the afternoon, you're enjoying some delicious gelato as you soak up the rays?

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