City Breaks To Italy

City Breaks To Italy

Popular Italian City Breaks

Verona City Breaks

Verona & Lake Garda

Home of the famous Romeo & Juliet, take a look at this Verona & Lake Garda holiday itinerary

Naples City Breaks


Fascinating history, incredible food and the gateway to other gorgeous coastal towns in Italy

Rome City Breaks


Rome is a classic city break destination with plenty of hidden gems to discover, and delicious gelato

Venice City Breaks


The canals and alleys of Venice are the perfect place to lose yourself and stumble upon stunning architecture


Travelling to Italy

One of the great things about travelling to Italy is the sheer number of flights from across the UK making it cheap and easy to get to. Ryanair has paved the way in ultra low cost flying, as well as opening up lesser known cities and regions of Italy like Perugia in Umbria or Bari in Puglia. Despite the love-hate relationship with many customers, this can make a city break in Italy very affordable.

Booking Protection

Especially in light of Coronavirus, we always recommend booking your flight and hotel together as a financially protected package through the ABTA and ATOL schemes. This is possible with top travel agents and tour operators like Jet2holidays, Expedia, and Citalia.

Top 8 City Breaks In Italy

1. Rome

The classic city break destination, Rome's popular tourist traps are definitely worth visiting at least once, although there are so many incredible places away from the main sights to discover.

2. Venice

Venice is a wonderful city, although a little costlier. Spending time on the water is a great way to see the city, but taking to the narrow alleys and bridges by foot is the most incredible way to get lost and find quaint little eateries.

3. Verona

Famous as the home of the Romeo & Juliet story, a Verona city breaks are one of Italy's best kept secrets.

4. Florence

One of the most stunning cities in "bella Italia", Florence features a wealth of architectural and artistic delights. This is definitely a city to enjoy if you love the Renaissance period.

5. Milan

Once known as the industrial capital of Italy, Milan's cool and exciting fashion and nightlife scenes make this city one of the hippest places to visit in Italy.

6. Naples

You can't skip Naples without trying some of its epic pizza. Beautiful landmarks, insightful museums and all in the shadow of the incredible Mount Vesuvius.

7. Turin

Located in the north of the country, Turin is the perfect escape if you've done the main tourist hotspots and want to enjoy somewhere a little less travelled in Italy, but still want to enjoy all that an Italian city has to offer.

8. Bologna

Bologna is another one of those Italian treats just waiting to be discovered. From the Piazza Grande to the impressive Duomo, Bologna is an excellent way to spend a weekend break.

Best Italian Cities

The classic question of "where should I visit in Italy" can only truly be answered by understanding what sort of thing you want to do or see on your trip. Here are a few top suggestions:

Best City For The Beach

Down in the south of Italy in the stunning Puglia region, Bari was opened up to the rest of Europe by Ryanair and offers a number of wonderful beaches on the outskirts of the city. Head out of town and you'll discover some of Italy's most incredible beaches.

Best City For Nightlife

If you love the club and bar scene, Milan should certainly be one to check out. It's cool and quirky bars set amidst the areas of Navigli, Colonne di San Lorenzo and Isola make for an excellent night out. No wonder the city attracts youngsters.

Best City For Students

Whether you're on a budget or want to be around other students, Rome is an outstanding place to visit for students. There are plenty of affordable accommodation options, and loads of free attractions too.

Best City For Families

Being close to the mountains, Turin can easily combine the outdoors with the vibrant city. There's so much to do and plenty to keep the kids entertained from the Egyptian Museum to Juventus football stadium.

Best City For Food

This is always a tough one. Food is what this country is known for and there's no mistaking the incredible and unique cuisine available in each and every place in Italy. From the pasta to the pesto, food lovers are in for an absolute treat.

Best City For Architecture

Italy is famous for its architecture but places like Florence and Venice are ideal if you love gawping up at the facades and designs that Italian history has to offer.

Frequently Asked Questions

The Collosseum is the most visited tourist attraction in Italy.

Spring and Autumn are fantastic times to visit Italy, although where you go depends on when you should go.

There are some stunning cities in Italy including Rome, Venice and Verona to name just a few. Each Italy city break destination is unique and offers something special, so it's hard for us to name just one!

There are some fantastic places to go for a weekend in Italy depending on what you like. Try Bari for the beaches or Venice for the escape.

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