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Getting to Cape Verde

Getting To, From And Around Cape Verde

Airlines & Tour Operators

Direct flights to Cape Verde airport are with TUI, the only UK airline offering direct flights to the islands. They fly to both Sal airport (Amilcar Cabral International Airport - SID) and Boa Vista airport (Aristedes Pereira Airport (BVC). The average Cape Verde flight time is around 6 hours. Flights aren't that frequent, especially from more regional airports like Bristol, Birmingham, Newcastle and Manchester. Indirect flights are possible with TAP Portugal, flying via Lisbon. Other airlines like British Airways, easyJet and Jet2 don't currently offer direct flights to the Cape Verde islands

As a result, TUI are the main UK tour operator to Cape Verde. They offer ABTA and ATOL protected package holidays to the islands, including flights, accommodation and usually airport transfers. Other tour operators like loveholidays and On The Beach can also package up TUI flights with accommodation, where as companies like easyJet Holidays and Jet2 Holidays, who use their own flights, aren't able to offer packages here.

If you plan to book your flight and hotel separately, make sure you select the correct airport. You don't want to be flying into Sal, only to realise that the all inclusive hotel you booked is on another island.

Once you've arrived, the best way to get from the airport to your hotel is by a pre-booked airport transfer. These are often included in your package holiday, but you may need to add this on to the booking depending on who you book with. Taxi is also an option with the journey price varying depending on where you are travelling to.

hotel room - where to stay in Cape Verde

Where To Stay In Cape Verde

Cape Verde comprises ten diverse islands, each with its unique charm. However, two islands, Sal and Boa Vista, stand out for their tourist-friendly offerings.


Known as the heart of Cape Verde's tourism, Sal boasts stunning beaches, including Santa Maria Beach, where you can unwind on soft sands and indulge in water sports. Accommodation options here range from budget-friendly guesthouses to luxurious beachfront resorts and you'll find most of the hotels on Sal Island. Santa Maria, the island's main town, offers a lively atmosphere with bars, restaurants, and local markets. Even if you're staying at one of the various all inclusive hotels, it's well worth venturing out and exploring more of the area.

Boa Vista

Boa Vista island is all about tranquillity. Its unspoiled sandy beaches stretch for miles, and the main town, Sal Rei, exudes a relaxed vibe. Praia de Chaves and Praia de Santa Mónica are popular spots for beachcombing. Boa Vista caters to those seeking peace and seclusion, with boutique hotels and serene resorts dotting the coastline.

Other Islands

There are other islands here but more difficult to get to. Santiago, for example is the largest of the islands, with Praia the capital city. The other larger island is Sao Vicente. Flying is the easiest way to get between the islands, however, Boa Vista and Sal are much more orientated towards UK and European holidaymakers, looking to enjoy the sunshine on holiday in Cape Verde.

Things to do in Cape Verde

Things To Do In The Cape Verde Islands

Although the Cape Verde islands offers year round sunshine, holidays here aren't just about sunbathing, though there's plenty of that too. Here are some fantastic things to do during your visit. And if you're visiting for a while, island hopping can be great fun too.


There are some incredible golden sand beaches here. Some with beach bars and plenty going on, while many others are much quieter. It's also a well known destination for nesting loggerhead turtles and if you visit Sal or Boavista between July and October, you might be able to go turtle watching. If you go swimming in the gorgeous turquoise sea, take note of local advice. Atlantic currents and wind can be strong so only swim if it's safe to do so.


Dive into the clear waters for some of the best windsurfing, kitesurfing, and snorkeling in the world. Sal, in particular, is a water sports haven, with opportunities for scuba diving too, attracting many holidaymakers who love more active Cape Verde holidays.


Discover Cape Verde's rugged landscapes. Hike to the summit of Pico do Fogo on Fogo Island, explore the otherworldly lunar landscape of Sal, or witness nesting sea turtles on Boa Vista, are just a few of the fantastic activities on offer. You can either book onto a day trip or excursion before you travel, or your hotel staff will also be able to help organise various local activities and adventures! Hiking takes a bit of preplanning so make sure you know where to go.

Music & Culture

There's a lot of history here as well as Portuguese influence, with official languages being Portuguese and Cape Verdean Creole, so there's plenty to discover. Immerse yourself in Cape Verdean music, known as Morna. Explore the local markets for handmade crafts and souvenirs, and don't miss the opportunity to dance to the rhythms of the islands in bars and within some of the vibrant nightlife.

Types of Holidays to Cape Verde

Holiday Types In Cape Verde

Family Holidays

Cape Verde offers family-friendly resorts on Sal and Boa Vista. You'll find hotels with kids' clubs, shallow beaches for safe swimming, and plenty of activities to keep youngsters entertained. Take a look at hotels like Melia Tortuga Beach Resort & Spa and the Riu Funana both in Sal. Holidays to Cape Verde with free child places aren't usually available but other offers and discounts can help you save money.

Adults Only

For couples or adults seeking tranquillity, there are adults-only resorts on Sal and Boa Vista, providing an intimate and peaceful atmosphere, often with spa facilities and romantic dining options. Adults only hotels in Cape Verde include the TUI BLUE Cabo Verde.


Cape Verde is an adventurer's dream. Explore the diverse landscapes, hike to volcanic peaks, or embark on a thrilling kitesurfing adventure in the strong winds off Sal.

All Inclusive

If relaxation is your top priority, all-inclusive resorts on Sal and Boa Vista offer a worry-free escape. Meals, drinks, and activities are included, allowing you to focus on enjoying the sun and sea. For great all inclusive holidays to Cape Verde, check out popular hotels like the Hotel Riu Palace Santa Maria, Riu Touareg and the five-star Melia Llana, offering a luxury holiday experience. Hotel buffet restaurants will have a mix of international cuisine and local dishes like fresh seafood.

Frequently Asked Questions

Flights from the UK to Cape Verde take around 6 hours.

Yes, as a popular tourist destination, Cape Verde is generally considered safe for tourists. As with most holiday destinations, petty crime does exist, and safety in other areas such as at the beach with strong waves and currents is also paramount.

Cape Verde is located off the west coast of Africa about 6 hours from the UK. When you look at a map, it's much further south than the Canary Islands. The nearest mainland countries on Africa are Mauritania, Senegal and The Gambia.

The currency used is the Cape Verdean Escudo. You can only buy it within the country, however, Euros are widely accepted, and we recommend you exchange Euros before you travel and take them with you.

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