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Specialist Holidays

Specialist Holidays

Ah, the world of specialist holidays, where one's passion for the peculiar, the particular, and the downright personalised takes centre stage! Imagine a huge range of getaway options, each more tantalising than the next, tailor-made for every fancy, whim, or fad.

For the sporty souls among us, sports breaks are the ticket. Picture yourself swinging clubs on world-renowned golf courses or catching waves on a surf escape. It's not just a holiday; it's a chance to hone those skills or watch your favourite teams amidst breathtaking backdrops.

And then, there are the event junkies, for whom a holiday is but a backdrop to the main event. Be it grooving at the front row of a music festival, rubbing shoulders at fashion weeks, or getting swept up in the fervour of a football match, these breaks turn fans into part of the action. How about watching the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix on a beach holiday to the Middle East?

Accessibility is no afterthought here; accessible holidays ensure the joy of discovery is open to all. Every detail, from travel and accommodation to activities, is crafted for ease and comfort, proving the world truly is everyone's oyster. Companies like Limitless Travel and Disabled Holidays are excellent options for those with extra needs and requirements. Companies like TUI also have a range of options to choose from.

Nightlife aficionados, fear not! Nightlife holidays are a holiday type that whisk you away to cities that never sleep, where the dusk signals the start of adventure in neon-lit streets and thumping dance floors. Great party holiday destinations include Berlin, Barcelona, Magaluf in Majorca and Ayia Napa in Cyprus.

And for those who believe 'the more, the merrier', group holidays offer the perfect excuse to rally the troops. Whether it's a family reunion, lads holiday, hen do, or a getaway with the gang, these holidays turn shared moments into cherished memories.

Wildlife holidays are another specialist trip which allow you to follow your passion and meet new peoople too. Bird watching, safaris and animal tracking are all incredible experiences, many are once-in-a-lifetime trips too. Several specialist tour operators can help you book a wildlife holiday, including flights, hotels and tours, such as Naturetrek, Exodus and Intrepid.

Family Holidays

Family Holidays

There is no better experience than getting away with the family, and there are so many different types of holiday to choose from for your next holiday. Whether you need a sprawling all inclusive resort with plenty to do, including kids clubs, free sports and much more, or a cozy villa holiday, with your own private pool, perfect for some seclusion and making happy holiday memories, families are really well catered for in the travel world.

With most holiday types, there's often a kids option. Whether that's a child-friendly cruise with loads going on, or hotels that have children's swimming pools, splash parks and even waterslides.

Take the worry and hassle out of the cost, by using a free child places finder to get some of the best family deals. Companies like Jet2holidays and TUI have more free child place holidays than ever before, even in the summer school holidays, helping you save money on both the flights and the accommodation. You can often also secure your booking with a low deposit and pay the remaining balance monthly to help you plan and budget.

Hidden Gem Destinations

Hidden Gems

From secluded beaches to the up-and-coming destinations, it can feel a little magical when you come across a hidden gem of a destination. No doubt you've probably see the odd photo or video on social media and saved it.

Done the typical city break destinations like Barcelona or Berlin? Why not try something different, like Tirana in Albania, or Cadiz in Spain? Been to the big resorts like Costa Adeje and Costa Blanca a million times? Why not venture to lesser known areas like Tagazhout in Morocco or the Silver Coast of Portugal?

And it's not just about the place to go. It's also about the things to do when you're there. Laying by the pool, sipping a cocktail can be great, but getting out and exploring, trying new cultural experiences and meeting the locals can be even more fun.

Finding these lesser known destinations and holiday experiences can be like finding a needle in a haystack, but sometimes it's all about research and speaking to locals to find out their favourite places to go. After all, who knows a destination better than the people who live there?

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Frequently Asked Questions

There are lots of different types of holiday, including beach holidays, all inclusive holidays, family holidays, adults only holidays, spa breaks, city breaks, ski holidays and cruises.

Absolutely! You've worked hard for your holiday, and you should do whatever you like! And if sitting by the pool doing nothing is your way of taking a break, then so be it.

Staying in the UK can be a cheaper option than going abroad because you reduce the cost of travel, however, with low-cost airlines and cheap accommodation, destinations like the Algarve, Majorca and the Costa Blanca are some of the cheapest places to go on holiday.

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